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NaNo Update Week Three

So here we are just past the half way point of NaNo and I am 80% done with my Novel. I once again had a slow start of the week getting less than one thousand words written combined between Monday and Tuesday last week, but I put in a little extra effort later in the week and pulled out a good amount of words. I am now just past the 40k mark for words and I expect that I might very well be done the book before thanksgiving.



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The bad news is time flies…

So I was reviewing my last couple of posts to review what I have been writing about and what I have been neglecting.  I noticed that I have not gone over the status of my book and where it stands in the process of getting it to publication.

To review my goal is to have the book ready to released as an e-book by the first of February 2013.  As it stands that gives me less than six months in order to have the book ready to go.  Right now I am half way through the second draft of the book.

This means that in the next six months I need to finish the second draft, possibly have it professionally edited, and write a third draft, get the book cover designed and the final book laid out.  This does not sound like a lot of work to do, but any of my writer friends out their will tell you this is no time at all in which to accomplish this amount of work.  Especially since I still have to have time to work a full-time job in order to pay the bills.

This is the point in time where I start to have a nervous breakdown.  Now I’m hoping it is mostly the side effects of finishing my prescription to Chantix, but I still am faced with a large pile of work to be finished before the planned release date of the book.  I have to ask myself am I going to be able to reach that goal or is it time to consider the possibility of moving the release date back.

I did not pick the release date out of the air.  It is based on a pivotal date of importance in the storyline of the book itself.  It was a parallel that I wanted to emphasize with the release.  It is a large amount of work that needs to be completed as soon as possible, but I really think that If I can stay focused then I still have a chance to meet the date that I have already set.  I will need to try to remain focused on moving things ahead as much as possible.  I have to admit that this is not one of my strongest traits.  In the next couple of months the drop dead date will arrive and I will have to make the hard choice.  I hope when that day finally arrives that it is easy for me to say that I have done enough work to release the book as originally planned.  But we will have to see how much I can do before that date arrives.

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