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Small Press Saturday

I am going to forgo a weekly update on my NaNo work in favor of a little proposal. This week after the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States is the traditional beginning of the Christmas shopping season. For decades people have surged out into the cold dark morning of the Friday after Thanksgiving to attend Black Friday sales. With the advent of the internet-age Cyber Monday was instituted as a way for on-line businesses to focus people on the deals that could be acquired on-line.

In 2010 American Express decided to establish Small Business Saturday, the first Saturday after Thanksgiving as a way to encourage people to support the small and local businesses that employ the majority of people in the United States.

This year as Small Business Saturday approaches I was struck that a segment of the small business market was being under represented in the move to drive commerce to small businesses, The Small Press Publishers.

With more and more of the resources of the major publishing house being devoted to the latest celebrity book or big name bestseller it has been harder and harder for the beginning and unusual voices to be heard above the dim. So for those friends you have that would enjoy a book, consider something different from one of these independent presses.

A publisher of short story collections for some time, Rabid Transit Press has branched out into alternative speculative fiction novellas with their Electrum Novella Series. Changing the way people look at the possibilities of the novella.

If long form fiction is not what you are looking for, possibly cutting edge poetry is what you want, If that is the case then check out Write Bloody Publishing. Publisher of some of the leading voices in the slam poetry scene today.


Looking for alternative fiction and non-fiction works? Take a look at the books available from Hunt Press. An up and coming publisher of alternative speculative fiction with several novels available.

One of my personal recommendations for a small press book this year would be “Confessions of a Transylvanian” by Kevin Theis and Ron Fox from Berwick Court Publishing


I would be completely remiss if I ignored independent published books as well.


If you know someone who enjoys ‘Chick-Lit’ the incomparable Joanne Phillips has released in the last year both her gripping novel “Can’t Live Without” and a collection of short stories “A Life Unpredicted and other stories”


Finally there is “Bridges of Memories” by AJ Race an exciting tale of contemporary fantasy.



There are hundreds if not thousands of small and independent publishers out there waiting for your support. Why should you support them. I think it is best summed up by Angela Hunt of Hunt Press.

“To quote James Owen: We’re not IN publishing. We’re at war. And I don’t intend to lose. At war against whom? Against entropy. Against the long night. Against obscurity. We’ll all eventually fail against those titans. But while we last, while the battle rages, oh, yes, we will be glorious. Let it not be said that we did not at least *attempt* to leave our mark on the world.”

So please join us in Small Press Saturday and support a small press publisher and bring the joy of discovering a new author to someone you love.


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NaNo Update Week Three

So here we are just past the half way point of NaNo and I am 80% done with my Novel. I once again had a slow start of the week getting less than one thousand words written combined between Monday and Tuesday last week, but I put in a little extra effort later in the week and pulled out a good amount of words. I am now just past the 40k mark for words and I expect that I might very well be done the book before thanksgiving.


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NaNo Update Week Two

So it has been a week since I last updated in regards to my progress on NaNo and the novel tentatively entitled the Adventure of Eunice. So how has it been going? I was off to a big start the first few days of the month and was well ahead of my daily word goals, which was helpful because from the 5th through the 9th this week I had so many things going on that I was having trouble getting even the normal rate of 1667 words a day done. Today however I was able to get back to some solid writing. I was able to put away over 4k words today and get the story back on track. below I have shared a snapshot of the status page from NaNo.


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NaNo Update weeks one (well part of week one)


So here I am taking a break from writing to do some writing. I am on the second day of NaNo and things seem to be off to a good start. As you can see by looking at the little tracker off to the right side of the screen as of Friday Nov 2nd I am well ahead of the goal for the day. I am off to a great start and the words seem to be following out of my finger tips. There are a couple of big reasons for this. One I still do not have a day job at this point, so other than the time I spent sleeping, applying for jobs and interviewing for jobs I am able to devote myself to as much writing as possible. Second the first thing would not be helping but I have been having so much fun with this still that it is hard for me to put it down. Even as I am writing I find myself plotting the story ahead and planning out funny little moments and the next goofy character that I will introduce. Even better is that I feel like I am actually getting some good material out of this. I read my wife one of the paragraphs earlier today that I had just written, and not only did she laugh at all of the correct moments, but when I made a correct about editing the work later she told me that the part I read to her did not need any editing. And for those of you who do not know my wife is an exceptionally harsh critic and does not pull punches when it comes to things she does not like. I also feel like the pace of the story is going well. I did not plan out an outline to the story. I only knew that I had originally four, now five phases of the story that I wanted to work through. I am currently just short of the ten thousand word mark which would be one fifth of the way and I am just starting to reach the turning point from part one to part two of the story, if it continues this well I will have the entire arc of the story fit perfectly in the 50k word goal.  All things considered this at least as for the first two days, has been one of the best things I could have done to get the stress off of me when it came to me writing.

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