What a long strange trip it’s been (part 9)

When I started this blog one of the main things I wanted to do was tell my story, about going from a young
inexperienced man with aspiration of writing to where I am now,and how I and my writing have changed over the years to reach the spot that we are at now. So I have just looked back over the posts that I have made and I realized I have not updated the back-story in over a month and a half. So now it is time to pick up back up. I am approaching the end of this part of the blog because this week we will reach the point that I begin to write the outline for the novel that I am currently working on.  Next week I will go through some of the things between the beginning of the work on the novel and the start of the blog. That will put us into the last week in Oct. and I will probably spend that going over my last-minute plans for NaNoWriMo.
So last we left off I had gotten married and done some writing with my wife. It was probably the best writing that I have ever done and I was inspired to pick things up again, but my life seemed against me, soon after we got married we bought a condo and moved to Salem, MA. Being newly wed and raising a child (our son was 8 when we married) starting a career and spending time with friends all seemed to take the time away from getting to work writing. None of those things are a good excuse, and I fully know that I could have controlled any of those things and gotten to work writing much sooner, but I didn’t.
After four years in Salem my wife and I were ready for a change, we wanted to move to Florida and spend some time in the sun. We made plans for a place to stay while we found work and both my wife and I gave notice at our jobs. It was the day after I gave my two weeks notice that we discovered that the place that we were supposed to stay at in FL was being foreclosed on, and our friend who was renting the place and going to let us stay there had thirty days to find his own place to live. We sat down and discussed our options, we could not go South and we could not stay where we were, so the only option left was to head North. We contacted my mother-in-law and she offered to let us stay at the vacation house she owned in the beautiful town of York Beach, ME.
If you have never spent time on the lovely Maine seacoast I have to describe it for you, York Beach is the perfect summer vacation town, with a small beach with an arcade right on the edge of it, a candy store that has a taffy pulling machine in the window, a strip of gift shops and stores that cater to the summer vacation crowd with a couple of small restaurants. And at the other end of the strip an amusement park and zoo. Now for those of you from anywhere else in the world let me explain the small drawback, all of the businesses in York Beach either cater to vacations or vacationers, Summer vacationers. In a climate where summer lasts from early June through the first week in Sept summer is very short. The Fall in York beach is dead quiet and everything shuts down for Winter and does not reopen until late the following Spring. Living in a town like York Beach in Winter is purgatory. Long nights and dreary conditions with no sun for days. And worse of all in a house that was designed to be lived in for three months out of the year heating is not the first thought.
In conditions like this, when the outside temperature is below twenty-five degrees Fahrenheit and the inside temperature is just below sixty degrees Fahrenheit, one of the best was to bring your internal body temperature back up to ninety-eight degrees is to first thing in the morning jump into a scalding hot shower. Many days I would just stand in the small shower and let the cold and exhaustion drain out of my body.
And I would picture a man standing in a shower, feeling that same cold draining away, a bad man who would suddenly find that even with all of the choices that he had made in his life to avoid it, he was the father of a child. A young child who he would need to teach things to because there was more to this man than meets the eye. He would take the boy to an ancient village in the woods and meet with an elder who was even more ancient that the village and they would teach the boy secrets of their kind. This story built in me and I began to flesh out the character and who they were. Working back in time to figure out how they got to where they were from and forward to where they were going. And this was all before I even set one word down to paper.


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  1. Don’t beat yourself up about the past, what you could have written or not, when you should have been writing or not. etc. We have to live each day as best we can. Some days, we can write, and some days we have to just drag ourselves through the day and hope the next one is better. Hang in there. There will be more cruddy days in store, maybe even during NaNo . .. don’t let them win! 🙂

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