A little bit of a rant

I have been having a rough couple of days lately. I have always felt that being a writer was one of the most solitary things that you could do, alone with a pad, typewriter or computer very little interaction. Once you are done people look at your work and they say nice things, but writing in general is taken for granted. You may hear someone talk about his or her friend who sings great or plays a musical instrument well, they could be impressed by an actress or painter or even a photographer, but rarely do you hear someone brag about a friend who is a great writer.

It is even worse as an independently published writer with no following to speak of. You are there with your work and some days it feels as if no one is listening. No one gets excited about your work. Society has convinced itself that anyone can write, since a typed manuscript by one person looks exactly like one by someone else. The latest celebrity book comes out almost as fast as reality TV shows, lack of plot is not a problem, no one expects them anymore.

When you are excited about something, you hope the whole world will get excited with you, some people do and some don’t, if you are lucky the people who you are closest to will support you even if they do not see what you are excited about. But it can be tough to keep going with that excitement as others wander off to find the next shiny thing.

I am not trying to put anybody down, I just had to get some stuff off my chest. I have just been having a rough couple of days.


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