The Official Announcement

Someone once said that the greatest thing about being a Geek is the ability to unashamedly express excitement for the things you love. Whether it is Science Fiction, Horror, Comics, Anime, or any combination of them. A Geek revels in those things and longs to share that passion with the world. Be it through writing, music, poetry, art or performance art the passions in a Geeks soul cannot be denied.

I am building a place where those passions can come together, where Geeks of all sorts can Dress up, dance, sing, draw and tell stories to one another and the world. Trilith is a multi-media web-magazine that captures the things that inspire Geeks and the things Geeks aspire to.

This is truly a project in the works and I would like as many people to follow along as possible, I have already begun recruiting my team and once all of the technical issues are addressed a campaign to raise funding will begin.

As for now I will be posting samples of some of the content that I plan to use both on the facebook page and the blog.

ā€œA soul aflame burns brighter than a million stars.ā€ ā€“ Percival Bac.



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5 responses to “The Official Announcement

  1. There is a magazine called ‘Geek’ that came back this year in June. Never read it, but apparently its pretty good. Don’t know if you’ll be offering similar or different things but I suppose it’s always good to see competitors.

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