Cant remember what was said or what you threw at me

Well that was interesting.  I simply made a few comments regarding the lack of connection with readers in my last blog and all of a sudden I have my most active day ever, followed by my third most active day ever. People actually went back and took a look at some of my older post and listened to what I had to say.  On the negative side I did not get the amount of questions and comments that I would have liked.  I do feel that since this experience is a journey for me, and not just some expert lecturing on a subject, then all feedback that I receive from those who are reading this can only help me.
Based on that then I need to get more feedback from the people who read my blog. I have been working on this blog for several months, I have been writing about my past, my inspirations, about the things that I have done in order to get my book ready to publication. I have asked you all to follow along on my journey as a writer and an artist.  But with the exception of one story that I created the characters and plot for twenty years ago, and was scripted by my wife ten years ago I have given you folks nothing to earn the support that you have given me as I make my way as a writer.
So I realized that I should also start posting along with the other things that I have been putting up a selection of the things that I am working on now.  Short stories that I am writing currently some could become chapters of novels, or parts of series, some will be story-lines that I am writing to develop as independent films, but It will be a selection of shorter works of mine. What I need from people is to determine if I should make them part of my regular posts, or if my fiction work should be listed under a separate page.  And is anyone even interested in reading some of my work.  Please let me know what you think and give me some feedback.

P.S. just to let people know once I work this out I have a first draft of a story that I plan to post.


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