Acceptance (Part Four) by Christine & Bruce Ellis

Pressing down on his shoulders, she coaxed him silently onto the black satin sheets that covered her bed. “You are so handsome,” she continued. “So strong, so masculine” she purred. He reached up to her naked form, and pulled her into a deep longing kiss. She mounted him, and moved her body against his, rubbing slowly, feeling his hardness against her. “Kiss me lover, kiss me again” she seduced. His lips covered hers, and he reached out to cup her breasts. “You are so handsome, so strong” she whispered.

He heard the lies part her lips, and wanted to believe them, but he could not bring himself to do so. He was a loathsome creature whose only flesh and blood died at birth. His eyes locked upon the money on the bureau, and realized what he was doing. He was filled with hatred and rage. “It’s your fault!” He screamed. “All your fault! You seduced me! You whore!” He pushed her off of him violently and grabbed his clothes.

“I took you back here out of the goodness of my heart! I didn’t bring you here to fuck you! You were the one who wanted it!” She screamed out. “You were the one who needed a friend, not me!” She said as he dressed. She stood beside him and put her hand on his shoulder. He knocked her onto the bed, and finished dressing, then slammed the door on the way out.

Within an instant he was storming down the stairs to the fresh morning air. The city lights were no longer needed as the night had already passed by. Cars were slowly passing, rushing along to start their days. “That bitch” he uttered softly. “I can’t believe I thought she wanted to help. She tricked me! That bitch!”

He walked along the streets, filled with rage as he looked for his car, wishing that he had paid more attention to where that slut was leading him.

After what felt like forever, he had given up hope after he found himself walking in circles, then sat down on a curb to wallow in self-pity.

He rested his head in his hands and shook his head, recalling not only the evenings events, but also his wife; how she stuck by him in all of his needful times, how she slept, how she cooked, how she would hold him in her arms late at night when he was stressed, taking it all from him, being strong when he could not be. It was in that moment, that he realized his love for her, and that having a child would have only been another delightful thing to add to their time together. That wasn’t important though. He realized that no matter what will ever happen, that she would be there for him, to hold him, to love him, to cherish him.

He Cried.

He cried not only because he had betrayed her, but also because he was too busy blaming her for losing the child, His child, that he lost focus of what was truly important in his life… Her.

He looked up a moment later, and his car was there, across the street where he had left it. He had been so blinded by his anger that he had passed by it too many times to count.

It was a long ride home, perhaps the longest journey he had ever taken.

He pulled up in front of the house, and breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally there.

Quickly, he walked up the front steps of the house, slid his key in the door, and turned the knob slowly.  He entered quietly, and called his wife’s name softly. “Karen?” he uttered over and over, through each room of the house. He ran upstairs, and for the first time, passed by the baby’s room without a second thought.

He reached the bedroom, and there she was sleeping, oblivious to all that had happened. He sat down on the bed beside her, and whispered to her “Karen, I love you. I really love you.” She opened her eyes, and smiled at him softly. He was so happy to see her. He caressed her face and kissed her lips.

“I can’t tell you what happened tonight, but I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry.” He breathed deeply, and looked down to her. “I have never stopped loving you, and I never will. You are the light in my darkness, you are the song in my heart, and you are the stars in my heaven.” He continued as he caressed her gentle face.

“I realize I have only been thinking of myself, my needs, my wants, my desires and I never stopped to think how you must feel. For that, I am truly sorry. We’ll have a child if you still wish it, but I want you to know, that it’s you who is important to me. It is you who have made my life complete, and it is you who has been there for me through all the times that I have needed you. You never turned your back on me, for that, I am grateful. I love you with all my heart.” He sobbed.

Just then, she reached her hand up to his lips, as if to shush him. “I know dear, I know. Now come, rest with me.” She pulled him down to lie beside her, and held him tightly in her arms, making all of his fears disappear.


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