Acceptance (Part Three) by Christine & Bruce Ellis

They arrived at the top floor finally, and he gazed at his surroundings. There was a window there, broken, and shards of glass lay by the stairs. A black and white cat, curled up into a ball was sleeping soundly on a newspaper in the corner, apparently off duty as he noted the rats scurrying on the staircase. The jingling of keys startled the cat as she opened the door to her apartment, and it scuttled down the stairs out of sight.

She entered the apartment, and motioned for him to enter. A sweet aroma beckoned him in. The scent of incense was plentiful, and despite the musky smell in the corridor, her apartment was not affected in the slightest. She motioned for him to sit on the couch, and as before, he obeyed. She slipped off her heels by the door, displaying her dainty feet wrapped so neatly in the skin toned nylons she wore.

It was a small cozy apartment. The living room and kitchen area were combined to make it appear larger than it was. The couch was tan, several years old, but very comfortable. He sank into it as he rested against the backing. “Do you mind if I change into something more comfortable?” she asked. “No, no, go ahead.” He nodded, and she slipped into the other room to change. “So how long have you lived here?” he asked loud enough for her to hear. “Ahh, only a few months,” she bellowed, “I go to the university here, and work at night to make a living. It’s a long story, I don’t like to talk about it much.”

“I see.” he stated, as he looked towards the sound of her voice.  He could see her naked form in the mirror as she changed out of her clothes. He watched her for several moments, as his erection stiffened.

He watched her take off her bra and panties then stand naked before the mirror to gaze upon her luxurious body. Her hands caressed her thighs, her stomach, and then finally her breasts.

In his mind he could see himself touching her, caressing her, fucking her. He shook his head violently to erase his thoughts, and feelings as if he had intruded on her enough; he cleared his throat, readjusted himself, and searched earnestly for something else to occupy his thoughts.

He sat up stiffly, and studied the adornments on the wall. There were no pictures, nothing at all that would tell of her friends, her family, or even her acquaintances. The furniture was sparse; there was only a couch, chair, and a coffee table in the room.

She slipped out of the bedroom wearing a dark blue silk robe that barely covered her essence. The muscles in her thighs were defined as she walked across the room. He stared at her form in awe. “I don’t even know your name.” She said casually, as she bent over exposing herself to him.  She opened the cabinet to find a bottle of scotch.

“Robert” He stammered. “Robert Harris. And yours?”

“Rachel” she said in a soothing tone. She chuckled softly and continued to retrieve drinks for the two. She stood, took two glasses from the strainer, and began to pour the scotch. “So what brings you around this neck of the woods?” she asked.

“My wife…” he stopped abruptly.

“Ahh, I should have known you were married, all the good men are taken.” She stated.

She turned and walked towards him, holding the glasses with a delicate grace. She handed his glass to him with a slight curtsey, and then sat down across from him on the couch. Sipping her drink, she smiled a childish grin, and then stated “So tell me about it, what brings you here?” He sighed deeply and began to tell his story.

Hours passed, the bottle lessened, and his self-pity grew more and more as he recalled to her the last ten years of his life. “Your not to blame.” She said with a softened smile. She drew her arms around him, consoling him with her touch. He felt comfortable, but more importantly, he felt loved.

She wiped a tear from his eye, and smiled again, this time more lovingly than before. Within an instant, his lips were pressed against hers, locked in a passionate kiss. He pressed his hand against her neck, drawing her into him even more. He felt the lusting in him grow as she pulled away from him, lending him her hand, and begging him with her eyes to stand. He stood slowly, as she led them to the bedroom.

She closed the door behind them, enclosing them both within their own passions. She stood before the mirror, and turned to face him. Slowly she untied the belt that sheltered her precious body. The robe fell from her shoulders, and lay upon the bends of her arms. Her auburn hair flowed down her back a little past her shoulders, and her bare breasts yearned for his touch.

She walked casually towards him with a seductive smile, and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. Running her fingertips across his back, her nails sent shivers through his spine. She caressed his chest lovingly, and with a soft kiss she whispered, “I’m off duty now, but I can still use the money.” She slowly unbuckled his belt, and reached down to unbutton his pants. Again she whispered, “Do you have any?”

She caressed his hardness through his pants, and instinctively he took out his wallet. “How… how much do you n…need?” he uttered, not thinking.

“Fifty dollars. I wouldn’t ask, but business is business.” He halfway paid attention to her as his mind kept thinking about the child that died. He reached into his wallet, pulled out two twenties and a ten, then handed them to her. “Thank you good Sir.” She said softly.

She reached behind her, and placed the money on her dresser, then slowly slipped off his pants.

She kissed his chest, and felt his hardness against her stomach as she pressed against him. “Come, come with me,” she purred. She took his hand in hers again, and led him to the bed.


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