Acceptance (Part Two) by Christine & Bruce Ellis

He suddenly became tired, and pulled the car off to the side of the road. He rested his head against the headrest, and closed his eyes for a few moments.  Just then, he heard a noise. He looked up, and spied a small insignificant man enter a bar. “A drink sounds good” he thought.

He walked up towards the front door of the bar, and placed his hand on the doorknob. A wave of dread coursed through his body as he began to open it. He heard laughter, and gaiety from within; slowly he withdrew his hand, as all the loathsome sounds he wanted to avoid came pouring forth. For several moments he stood there gazing at the door, studying it, focusing on its shape.

He exhaled deeply, and closed his eyes tight, as he felt the warmth of his tears beginning to fall from his eyes. The anguish was unbearable. He began to feel his chest heave as the sobbing came from deep inside him.

Blinded by tears, he maneuvered his way towards his car, knocking over trash cans with his stumbling.  Unable to go any further, he rested against a light post, and then sank down to the sidewalk. “Jesus Christ” He mumbled, “How could you do this to me? How could you take away my own flesh and blood? What did I do that was so wrong?” he sobbed and buried his tear-stained eyes in his hands.

Soft, cool hands touched his shoulder, and he looked up.

It took him a few moments to focus on the figure that stood before him. She brushed her hair back from her face, allowing him to get a better look. A warm smile parted her rose-colored lips, and her charcoal eyes revealed the sensuality that only a woman could have. “Come now,” she said melodically, “Things can’t be that bad.” She squeezed his shoulder lightly, and then offered her hand to him.

He gazed upon her for a long while, studying her features; her alabaster skin, her soft auburn hair, her small button nose, and her rose-colored lipstick that lined her voluptuous lips. Again she reached out to him with her slender fingers, once more offering him her kindness.

As the street light accentuated the redness in her hair, he spied tiny diamond earrings twinkling from beneath.  He reached up, and grasped her hand.  Standing slowly before her, he rose to be a full foot taller than her.

She had a petite frame, and an aura of innocence surrounded her. A long black skirt emphasized her slender hips, and the white silken blouse left much to the imagination.

“Come, follow me.” She said softly, “We’ll get you a drink, and we can talk more…privately.” She ran her fingers up his arm with a softened smile. He gazed around at the bums sleeping in the alley, and then nodded his head slowly in agreement, following behind her obediently.

The streets were narrow, and lined with darkness and clutter. Tall buildings surrounded them to either side. The street lamps were broken, and the moon provided the only light to guide them. He watched her walk, and in the recess of his mind he though how misplaced she seemed to be amidst their surroundings.

Just then, a little red car drove by and a man screamed out from the window as they passed, “Hey baby, how much!?” She shook her head slowly then turned towards him to explain, she was surprised when she found him oblivious to what had happened.

They continued walking till she stopped by a set of stairs and gazed up towards the building.  It was intimidating in its size, perhaps ten stories tall. “I live on the top floor,” She said, “I hope you don’t mind the climb.” She continued up to the door, and awaited him.  He followed her hesitantly, but the thought of a refreshing drink allured his senses.

The stairwell was dark, and the bulb that shone at the top of the stairs barely illuminated their passageway. The stairs were steep, and decrepit. The walls were dark, and the paint was peeling off as if it had not been touched up in decades. Papers, cigarette butts, and empty bottles in brown paper bags accompanied them along their journey. Even a rat would scurry across their path occasionally. It was a far cry from what he was accustomed to; living in his suburban house, complete with the white picket fence surrounding the property.

After the seventh floor, he had to stop to catch his breath.  He gazed up disparagingly towards the top.  Being a middle-aged man, with financial means, he had let his body get badly out of shape. He looked down towards the belly that hung over his belt, and recalled the doctor telling him he would have to loose forty or so pounds to have his physique back.

He looked to the woman who had brought him here, and he thought to himself, “My god, she can’t be more than twenty, twenty-one perhaps?” He began to think of reasons for such a lovely lady to be living in the slums.

“Maybe her husband left her with no means of support… the bastard.” He thought, “I wonder if she has any children? I wonder…”

She interrupted his thoughts as she spoke “We’re almost there, c’mon, I’ll make it worth your while.” She said with a chuckle.



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2 responses to “Acceptance (Part Two) by Christine & Bruce Ellis

  1. That was great, just as interesting as the first part.
    One thing though; the word ‘bums’ (10th paragraph, 3rd line) doesn’t seem to fit your style here. Loved it otherwise.

    • You have an amazing eye. That word was my choice, the copy that my wife wrote had a typo that omitted her original word choice. I have avoided editing this from her version, but I needed to insert a word back in to fill that hole.

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