What a long strange trip it’s been (part8)

I talked last about the least productive time in my life as a writer.  Then all of a sudden after three years of poor to no production as a writer I was presented with my biggest inspiration of all time.  My muse.  I met my wife.

She inspired my to get back to my writing, to take those things from the past that had not worked, to take them apart and rework them to get the characters to do things that I never thought was possible before.

It started one night.  We were laying in bed trying to get some sleep.  She is an insomniac and was trying to get a good nights sleep for once.  As she laid in bed she said to me “Tell me a story.”  I blanked, I could not think of anything.  And then it struck me, A story that I had written almost seven years earlier while on a trip to Philadelphia.  A story that had been rewritten several times as I became a better and better writer.  Something which I considered one of my best work.  I told her the story, and something amazing happened.  As I slept that night the story got inside her head.  Unfortunately she didn’t get any sleep that night.  She sat down and did a re-write on the story.  When you have someone who inspires you and who you inspire it becomes a form of magic.  As I read her interpretation of my characters and dialogue It inspired things in me things that I had not known that I had missed.  It was that moment that I started getting back into writing.  I had decided years earlier that until I felt that I was a better writer I would not be ready to try to write a full length novel again.  Now I saw that it was possible to do that with the help of my wife in order to improve my skills at writing dialogue.

This is when I finally rededicated myself to working on a novel.  Now all I needed to do find the idea that would spark it.

As a sample of my wife and I’s work next week I will post the story that I referenced here.  I am not sure if the copy I have is a second draft or the original one that she typed out that very morning, but it still takes my breath away.


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  1. Kris

    Very cool! 🙂

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