Just a low down Cheap Little Punk

So this week we are doing something a little different.

If you look back of the last several months the majority of my post have been examining my past influences and how my creative flow brought me to the story that I am trying to tell with the novel that I am writing, also occasional reports regarding things that I am working on to get the novel ready for publication.  I have been promising also to do some interviews with people who have produced their own work whether it be writer, film, or music.  Unfortunately those have been delayed.  I am going to explain what has been the lest creative point in my life, as far as writing goes, by reviewing a book that explains things better than I ever could have in a million words.

The book is called Confessions of a Transylvanian by Kevin Theis and Ron Fox.

It is the true story of a year and a half from 1982 – 1983 when Kevin joined Ron and the rest of the ‘Wild and Untamed Things’ cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in Deerfield Beach, FL, and how it changed the rest of his life.

It is a story about love, innocence, growing up and most importantly family.

I lived through a lot of the same experiences that Kevin and Ron write about and I knew a lot of people just like those they talk about in the book.  From 1997 – 2001 I was a cast member of the ‘Full Body Cast’ from Cambridge, MA.

Most people look at you funny if you told them that you spent a large majority of your younger years on stage shadowcasting RHPS.  If you are lucky people will nod and say they went a few times and they had fun.  But to understand the way it changes your life and the bonds that last a life-time you have to be involved.  Kevin and Ron give you a grounds eye view sparing no details of what their life consisted of for the year and a half that they were on cast together.  The good the bad and the ugly.  they let it all hang out, and give a realistic picture of the relationships that form.  If you have ever wondered what would cause these kids to get up do this ever week or every other week for years at a time, this is the book to read, if you have ever felt like you didn’t belong this is the book you need to read.

Near the end of the book as Kevin updates his audience on what his life and the life of his fellow cast members is like back around the thirtieth anniversary of RHPS, he talks about how they have all kept in touch due to the diligence of one cast member.  I don’t think that is true.  RHPS and being a member of a cast, especially for more than a few months creates a bond with people, you live, laugh, cry, hate and most importantly love with them.  And you will always find yourself able to reach out to those people and catch up because that bond never changes.



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2 responses to “Just a low down Cheap Little Punk

  1. Jack in Chicago

    Glad you enjoyed it. Best- Kevin “Jack” Theis

    • Actually it was funny how many parallels to my own life there were in the book. I started out behind the scenes, then moved on to Dr Scott, and then became the Riff understudy. I could look at every moment and compare it to things I have lived through. I am amazed at how well it captured the universal experiences of doing Rocky Horror.

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