I say that any boob can take and shove a ball in a pocket

Alright, I knew sooner or later I was going to feel like saying something that will rustle a few feathers.  I think that today might be the day.  So what is it that I have to say that is going to offend people.  I try to not speak in generalizations, but I have been noticing an unfortunate trend.

A lot of my time while I have been reading blogs and websites by writers who have decided to self-publish I have notice that very few of these authors are willing to seize the reigns when the options present themselves.

Control.  I have a need to control my work.  This is why I have become a novelist.  I have had opportunities in the past to work on comic books, plays and movies, and I have dabbled in all of these in the past and will probably work in each of these sometime in the future.  The reason that these are not the primary focus of my writing is that they all require that the vision of the final product is a collaboration of myself and others.  I am not willing to accept that.  I want to be able to control the product that I am putting out.  I want the reader of my books to experience the best product that I can produce.  I want to make my books that I can be proud of with not having to rely on anyone else.

The current market for self-publishing assumes that as the writer I am going to write the book and just upload it to some site that will handle formatting the work into an ebook.  That places my work in the hands of someone whose name will never appear in any connect to my work, who will still have a job regardless of the quality of the final product.

I am not a graphic designer, I am not an artist.  But I will promise anyone who purchases one of my books be it ebook, hardcover or softbound,  it will always represent the best that I can offer.  I will edit and design my books to the best of my ability, hiring people to help me where I can afford it.



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