What a long strange trip it’s been (part 6 Y Knot)

So anyone who has been reading the last couple of post will know how years ago I tried my hand at comics and short stories.  In 1995 things got even more interesting.  Me and my best friend Joe moved in together.  A pair of writers living in a tiny little basement apartment in a college student dominated section of Boston.  Joined by our friends Dan & Amy we formed what Joe would later refer to as the Y Knot Collective.

Whether it was doing slapstick comedy at one in the morning on the green line, stand up comedy while walking through the Boston Common.  Joe and I spent one entire year in a competition to see who could amass more rejection notices.  But more than anything else we spent time each week with the Stone Soup Poets at their home of that time TT the Bears Bar in Cambridge.  Once a week we would go and drink and smoke and be with other writers.  Sharing our inspiration and fellowship with them and they with us.

Joe began to develop for himself a reputation as a unique voice in the Boston poetry scene.  For my contribution what most people don’t realize when they meet me is that my parents raised one of the most influential and lauded poets working in America today.  Unfortunately it was not me, but the experiences that I took away from that had an amazing impact on me.  I learned more than anything the ability to take my work and present it to others without fear of what people would say.  I learned that as much as we all enjoy praise.   Criticism of any kind is more valuable than the good feelings you get from praise.


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