A little bit of Nuts and Bolts

So a lot of what I have been writing for this blog has been regarding the inspiration, and not with the process that I am going through in order to get my books published.

This week I want go over a consideration regarding getting the book ready for printing.  I need to look at getting ISBN so that Monolith can list each of the books for purchase by bookstores and libraries.

For those that do not know the ISBN stands for International Standard Book Number, it signifies what country the book is published in, who the publisher is, and which version of the book it is.  Because each version of the book would have a distinct ISBN, then for PDF, ePUB, MOBI, Hard Cover & Soft Cover I would need five differant ISBN just for one book.  With a series of five books we are looking a minimum of twenty-five ISBN.  So at this point I have to consider if I will be better of buying three blocks of ten as I need them or investing in a block of one hundred in advance to publishing any books.

I won’t go through the exact math involved but just let you know it would be two hundred and fifty dollars per each ten block and for a full one hundred it would be five hundred and seventy-five dollars.  If you assume that I do print all five books in five differant version and no other books.  With three blocks of ten I can buy each of the ten as needed, so that up front cost before the first book is published is redused and allows me to move some of the expense from the begining when I haven’t sold any books to later when I have sold books to pay for expense for later books, but the per version cost will drop from thirty dollars with three blocks of ten to twenty-three dollars if I buy one hundred.  Since I want to minimize the up front cost before I release the ebook versions of the first book, I will be purchasing the ISBN in three different blocks of ten as they are needed.


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