What a long strange trip it’s been (part3 Entering Virtue)

I was originally planning on this week begin the first in an occational series of interviews with established creators who have gone ahead and done work through creator controlled channels.  Unfortunatly the creator that I had lined up for the interview has had some delays that have prevented the interview from happening, but this is only a delay and not a cancellation.  We will get to this as soon as we can.

So this week I will pick up where I left off last week.  It was the mid nineties, I was spending a lot of time on-line through AOL talking to the editor and publisher of a soon to be released comic called Ventures of the Virulent, by Virtue Publishing.  I didn’t have a story that I could submit to the though.

So I took a look at all of the characters that I had.  My detective Vigilante character, who I had toyed with the idea of passing the vigilante identity from one person to another so that I was three slightly differant versions of the character.  I had my blind mystic paranormal investigater called the Mask, his friend called Tarot a mute sorceresor who communicates through a magic tarot deck.  I tossed all of the characters in a blender and out came the Guardians of Light, the basic premise was that a Native American mystic had communed with the spirit of death and learned that in order to prevent a crack in the universe from opening every thousand years the life force of six people needed to be sacrifised with the purest forms of the four elements.  This is possibly the first real pagan referance in any of my work.  He then sent out invitations to the six characters to ask then to volunteer to sacrifise their lives.

Looking back on this piece I see the potential that I had placed in the story, I tried to deal with the stages of grief, AIDS, homosexuality (not with the same character, the HIV+ character was straight) all in all it had tons of potential to it, but I did not have the skills needed to bring that potential to life.  The story was mostly formula superhero stuff, with some pretty hack dialouge.

The most important part was at the end of the story as they stood before death to preform the final ritual it was revealed that one of them could not take part.  The character I had developed of a immortal who was living in the tunnels under the city of Boston.  His weapons were the forces of nature.  The first time we meet him he breaks up a mugging by throwing a handful of birdseed at his opponants and they are suddenly covered in pidgeons.  It is revealed at the end of the story that this character is not only not human, but he is the incarnation of Deaths opposite the spirit of Life.  The other six complete the ceremony and the spirit of Life goes off with the spirit of Death.

The concept was to then begin a monthly or bi-monthly comic called “The Storyteller” centering around the spirit of Life’s herald called the storyteller, it would allow me to tell stories in any time using any mythology or historical events that I wanted focusing on this group of humaniod personifications that I had developed.


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