For where am I to go? And by what shall I steer? What is to be my quest?

So last week I took you on a peek inside the journey I have taken to get to the point where I am at now, but what this blog is about more than anything else is where I am on the journey.

So for those of you just getting to know me let me bring you up to date.  In July of 2011 I decided that the planning and the thinking it through were done.  It was time to put pen to page, or fingers to keys in my case, and put together a first draft of my first novel ‘The Lost Prophet’.  I spent as much time as I could on lunch hours and on weekends getting the work done on the first draft.  My plan is for it to become the first of a five book story arc that I call Sceal Casia (loose Gaelic translation The Legend of Casia).  Less than a month later I was hit by an inspiration, and decided that I would publish the books myself under the Monolith Books imprint.  The plan as it stands right now is to work book one through several drafts and have it ready for publication as an e-book by February of 2013.  With possible Hardcover publication with in six months to a year later.  The first draft was completed on April 8th 2012 and sent out to friends and family whom I trust to give me honest and constructive feedback.  Rule one: If you are not paying people to do something they get to take their time with getting it done.  So as it stands out of the ten people I sent it to I have received solid feedback from one person on the first half of the book, and I am waiting for feedback on the entire book from someone else.  This is one of the frustrations of being an independent author.  I may hire a professional editor for feedback on the second or third draft of the book, mostly to get things moved along faster.  So with what little feedback I have received, and all of it extremely helpful, I have started the second draft of Book One, and a first draft of Book Two


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