What a long strange trip it’s been (part 1)

So as I said in my first post part of what I am doing is going to be looking at the inspirations that have gotten me to this point and how this story came about.  I have thought about where things start and my earliest inspirations for the work I am writing.

Do I start with the first draft of the story I wrote seven years ago, the cold day and the hot shower that started my mind on this path.

That story I will get to, but I think it is better to begin as early as possible.

I never thought about being a writer growing up, in fact as early as I can remember I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life.  My older brother has always been an artist.  I remember from a very early age he would get for christmas and birthdays art supplies, and when ever posssible he would take art classes in school.  It was part of who he was, but me I didn’t have any clue.  When I started college I planned on going into law, criminal law specifically.  But after four years in college and not the greatest grades in the world prospects for law school were slim to none.  Over the years I had been reading both mystery fiction, the works of Robert Parker, Ellery Queen & Sue Grafton and at the same time I was reading just about everything being publisher by Marvel Comics.  I don’t know the exact day and time I desided I was going to write a novel, but the inspiration hit me and with no planning or forethought I set out to write a story that combinded the detective/mystery genre with a masked vigilante/anti-hero.  I threw in a lot of eastern philosophy since I had been reading the works of Bruce Lee at the time.  And after months of work I had one of the most pathetic pieces of drivel that you could possibly imagine anyone ever writing.  I would include a few lines of the horrible work here if I had any copies of the story left, but over the years it has fallen by the wayside.

I was excited by the fact that I had finished such a long piece at the time, but soon the weaknesses of the story started to creap in.  I was not happy and could not figure out a way to improve on what I had done.  I desided that I needed to move on to shorter pieces and work on my writing skills a little more.


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