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“Well, you see the idea of artists depending upon a patron Lady Bountiful has more or less gone out.” Jimmy Stewart – Philadelphia Story

Who is this guy and why am I reading his blog?  Isn’t there something else I could be doing more interesting?

Probably, but stick with me for a minute and I might be able to get you interested in what I have to say.  First let me introduce myself.  I am Bruce Ellis, Dreamer, Idealist & Aspiring Novelist.  So what is Monolith Books?  Well that requires some history.  In my twenties, back during the independent comics craze of the nineteen nineties, I decided that I was going to self publish a comic by the name of ‘The Storyteller’.  I was going to be published under Monolith Comics, my own comics company.  Mostly due to my inability to draw and lack of a reliable artist to work with, after almost a year of work I ended up with a bunch of very nice promotional trading cards but no comic book.  Over the years the stories I began writing for the comic split apart and characters changed and formed into new people and places.  In the last year I have chosen to take what had developed into a multi-book story and publish it myself.  So my plan right now is on Feb 2nd 2013 to release the ebook version of the first of my Sceal Casia books, The Lost Prophet.

Okay now that we have answered that, we have come back to what is this blog.  Well it is going to be about three things really.  First it will be an on-line journal of my experiences in writing and publishing my books.  Second I will detail the stories and events that have led me to where I am now.  My inspirations and my past attempts to bring my work to life.  Third I will be taking time out to interview creators who bring their work directly to the masses. Not just self-published authors, but any creator who takes their work outside of the corporate system and takes it to the people

So please join me for the ride.  I promise I will do my best to make things as interesting as possible for anyone willing to tag along.


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